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Organization: AAAGP                   
Exhibition period: from May 4 to June 5, 2016
Location: Centro de Artes e Espetáculos da Figueira da Foz - Portugal


1 – With the aim to recognize annually the merit, relevance, support and contribution to the arts, it was decided by the Direction of the Galician and Portuguese Friendship and Arts Association (AAAGP), to institute a prize for its members and other national and international artists, designated in 2012 as MÁRIO SILVA PRIZE.
The AAAGP promotes this year, between January 10 and April 23, the 3rd edition of this award, having as Curator Mrs.  Conceição Ruivo - President of AAAGP. 

2 - This edition, the Jury for selection and awarding the competing works will consist of: 
- Anabela Zuzarte – Art Historian; 
- Conceição Ruivo, Arts Teacher, Curator and representative of AAAGP; 
- Lídia Carrola - Arts Teacher;
- Paulo Diogo - Arts Teacher; 
- Chuva Vasco, Professor Ph.D. in Arts, as President of the Jury. 


A - The edition of the Award will be biennial. 

B - In each edition the Prize will be awarded to a selected artist. The prize consists of € 500 (five hundred euros) and a trophy valued at approximately 200 €. 

C - In each edition the winning artist’s career will be promoted, and the artist will be invited to exhibit his/her works the following year in a noble space of the Centro de Artes e Espetáculos – Figueira da Foz - Portugal. 

D - In each edition will also be awarded: 

1º Gold Honorable Mention – a golden medal and a diploma
2º Silver Honorable Mention – a silvery medal and a diploma
3º Bronze Honorable Mention – a bronze medal and a diploma

E - The four award-winning artists will receive the Diploma signed by the President of the Jury and by the Curator Conceição Ruivo, President of AAAGP. 

F - The awards will be delivered during the inauguration of the collective exhibition of all participants on May 15, at 4 o’clock PM.

G - All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation signed by Mrs. Conceição Ruivo, Curator and President of AAAGP. 

4 - The Jury will choose in the first working session the artists who will be awarded with the prizes mentioned above.

5 - The competition accepts all artistic expressions: Digital Art, Urban Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Sculpture, Engraving, Graffiti, Painting, Tapestry, Design, Photography, Video, Installation, etc., and is open to national and international artists. 

6 - Each competitor can participate individually with a maximum of 3 (three) works of recent creation.
Each contestant must submit: 
A - The registration form completed in all its fields; 
B - One or more photographic reproductions in color for each submitted art-work. 
C - The photographic images should be submitted in digital form with a resolution of 300 dpi in JPEG format with a minimum of 1600 pixels (px) wide/width;
D - A version of the Artistic Résumé summed up to an A4 sheet.

7 - We created a blog, entitled Mário Silva Prize, home to the Regulation of the initiative, as well as the registration form and other useful information.

8 - The art-works in compliance with the above referenced items shall be delivered between January 10 and April 23, at the competitors expense, at the following locations by mail, carrier or by hand: 
- For the attention of: Conceição Ruivo 
- Rua da Figueira da Foz, No. 40 - 3090-495 Paião - Portugal
- or at the AAAGP Gallery by previous appointment by phone

9 - The selected works to be delivered on the specified locations must be properly packed - accompanied by the registration form - with all the necessary means/items for its assembly and ready to be transported and displayed. It is advised to use an envelope type packaging so we can reuse it later, when re-sending the work(s) to its author. 
The work(s) should be mandatorily signed and identified on the back. 
The work(s) must not be signed on the front. 

10 - Works weighing over 20 kg, particularly sculptures are obligatorily handled by the artist in the delivery phase, exhibition and return. 

11- If any work requires protection, an unbreakable material should be used. Works protected by glass are not accepted under any circumstances.

12 - The Organization is not responsible for damage, loss, theft or unforeseen situations. However, any competitors who wish, may contract on his/her behalf and under his/her responsibility, any kind of insurance they deem necessary. 

13 - The registration fee is 50 € (fifty euros) for each presented art-work and the payment will be made from January 10 – April 23,  2016, as follows: 
- Bank transfer to Caixa Geral de Depósitos: 
- NIB 0035 0580 0000 9933 430 12
- IBAN: PT 50003505800000993343012
- For other payment methods you can contact us by mail
The payment proof will be sent to 

Participants will benefit of: 
- Certificate of Participation in the event; 
- Digital catalogue; 
- Transportation of works to the place of exhibition, assembly and disassembly of the exhibition; 
- Re-sending of the works, at the artist’s expense; 
- Promotion of the exhibition; 
- Vernissage Cocktail 
- Advising on the sale of the work - making of the sale and delivery of the work; 

14 - AAAGP association will endeavor to promote the acquisition of works by other entities, not holding any share upon them.

15 - The art-works cannot be withdrawn or replaced before the end of the exhibition under any circumstances. After the exhibition ends each artist will recover their artwork/s from the original reception places as they were mentioned in article nº 8. The art-works can be also re-sent (by mail or by carrier) to the artist at his/her expense.  AAAGP will hold right of possession of any art-work unclaimed after 31st of December 2016. 

16 - The artist authorises AAAGP to use his/her images in all media (communication and audio-visual) and also consents further image treatment of all the images.

17 - Any communications or information requests should be addressed to THE CURATOR OF THE MÁRIO SILVA AWARD - AAAGP - Conceição Ruivo - Rua da Figueira da Foz nº 40 - 3090 495 Paião. The following means can also be used: 
Tlm: Conceição Ruivo: 00351 96 55 23 499
Tlm – English Language -  Laura Thomas: 00351 93 482 44 94

18 - Galician and Portuguese Friendship and Arts Association from Portugal (AAAGP-Portugal) will hold possession of all material and monetary benefits of the Mário Silva Prize.

19 – The event will take place only if 10 artists will register.

20 - The Organization reserves the right to deliberate on situations not covered by this Regulation.

Figueira da Foz,
Approved in the General Assembly in  9th of November 2015